Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FOOL with Strips

Stripes Trend's Back for Spring/Summer 2010
They are back in Trend, while heavy influenced by 20th Century army and air force styling, nautical influenced pieces have hardly got a look in..

While Summer's navy & White striped fashion trend isnt a true take on navy inspired fashion, it's likely to appeal to those who are in to the nautical aesthetic.. well, im very much a Stripes person...

FOOL around with Stripes...! Let's Rock Stripes even when u're in Size 10/12...!!

Top from Cotton On, High-Waisted Body
Con Skirt from TopShop, Heels from Forever 21...
Budget Shopping??? Here you go...

Friday, June 18, 2010

Colours of UNITY

Designer: Liew Qing
Photographer: Kenyo Aui, Joey Choo, Liew Qing
Model: Zhamilya Bayeva
Location: Putrajaya

Charity Fashion Show

29th April 2010
One Malaysia theme, Specially made for the Hi-Tea Charity show.. Fully Sponsored by HSBC Bank..My Very 1st Fashion Show, located @ Sime Darby Convention Center..

The STAGE n BallRoom was Way Much Nicer than i could ever imagine for my first fashion show..

Reached there very early in the morning as it's only bout 5 minutes away from my house (like an idiot) .. n have to say the stage looked like Mac cosmetic' launch... hmmm i wonder??

oh yea, n it's time to see my designs...

My 2 lovely Models trying on them... lucky the
y fits, although i was h
aving a hard time to zip up the dress.. Both of the models are very friendly ppl, heard one of them is a Mother already...!!
Wonder how she kept her body so fit..! Im Jealous... =(

Left: Rico Rinaldi
Right: Michelle Ho
Model: Rennee

ONE MALAYSIA inspired...
Colours inspired from Malaysian Flag
The 3 Main Races ( Malay, Chinese & Indian) 's traditional clothes as my main inspiration..
Malay's Kebaya, Mandarin Collar and Indian Sari Draping...

Bringing You Tomorrow's Fashion of One Malaysia...

Where Everything Begins!..

Finally, i considered myself a fashion designer, when i made my first ever garment on my 3rd Semester 2009 in LKW uni..

Theme: Rainforest Ambience
Inspiration: Red Eyed-Tree Frog
-Red Eyed-Tree Frog has 6 diff colours, i combined it in a patch- work form..
-Batik in the middle made by myself with Cracking Technique..

Trying to be A New Fashion Blogger

Trying to figure out how to Rock this Blog...
New Blogger in Town, whose really NEW... Let juz CHEERz for that!